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Digital Marketing is the largest gateway to success. Use the internet to distinguish you and your company from the competition, communicate your excellence and to capture leads that have an an appetite for what you do. Let our seo company help you drive sells through search engine optimization.

Measuring Search Engine Optimization Success

The ultimate goal for search engine optimization is to have your website rank in the top 10 organic results for those who perform a keyword search on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The sites that rank in those positions have a lot to gain in sales and lead generation.

According to search engine engineers from multiple seo analytic agencies estimate the following stats:

Sample Scenario -A potential client who is wanting to rent a storage unit Googles the exact keyword "Storage Units." According to Google that exact keyword is googled 18,100 times month in the United States.

SEO Engineers estimate the following click through rates based on the top 10 search rank positions.

Rank Position Estimated Click
Thru %
We Will Use Medium % To Calculate Scenario Website Hits Based On Above Scenario
#1 36%-56% 43% 7,783
#2 11% -20% 15% 2,715
#3 9%-12% 10% 1,810
#4 4%-7% 6% 1,086
#5 4%-6% 5% 905
#6 3%-4% 3% 543
#7 .5%-4% 2% 362
#8 2%-3% 3% 543
#9 1%-3% 2% 362
#10 2%-3% 2% 362

Keep in mind these are the result for one keyword. Every company's goals should be to optimized each webpages for 1-2 keywords.

There are many things that have to be achieved in order to rank in the top 10 positions for top producing keywords. We manage many websites that achieve top rankings producing thousands of page views a day. Our SEO Strategy is different than most search engine optimization companies. We like to give our clients several options when hiring a company like ours. We share seo secrets with our clients so they understand their on-line success. Sharing these strategies openly empowers clients to understand internet marketing which is the future of every companies success. Companies who are not aggressive in internet marketing will loose their industry foothold while smaller companies that understand their digital presence will make them future leaders in the industry.

A Company with Many SEO Options

All options revolve around a Top 10 Optimization Report. In this report we compare your website to the top 10 websites that are ranked for your targeted keyword. We outline the items and strategies the top 10 website have in place that are missing from your website. Then we create an extensive check off list of the things that need to be implemented in order to be competitive with the top 10 websites. Proper keyword saturation rates, incoming links influence, and proper url optimization are just a few strategies outlined in this report.

  • Option 1

    Top 10 Optimization Reports and Do-It-Yourself Step-by-Step SEO Plan - In this option we provide you with a customized Top 10 Optimization Report with a check off list of things that need to be implemented by your webmaster. If the check list is properly executed you can achieve top 10 rankings.
  • Option 2

    Top 10 Optimization Reports and SEO Training and Consulting - This option is for companies who want to take charge of their own SEO efforts and success. Applied Technical Services provides Top 10 Optimization Reports and then offers SEO training to one of your technically inclined employees. We will train your employee on basic website editing skills so they are able to make small changes to the website that will influence future rankings.
  • Option 3

    Top 10 Optimization Reports, SEO Training, and 3-5 Hours of Monthly Consulting - We provide SEO training to one of your technically inclined employees. We will train your employee on basic website editing skills so they are able to make small changes to the website that will influence future rankings. In addition to the training we will provided monthly optimization reports and 3-5 hours of service that can be used for training, consulting or actual webpage development.
  • Option 4

    Full SEO Support - We handle all SEO Initiatives

Call 1-888-287-5227 for more details.